Grotto Waterfalls

Building a grotto waterfall for your swimming pool.

There are waterfalls and then there is a whole another class of water features called grottos.  A grotto waterfall takes the traditional rock fall into a visual and auditor wonder.  These specialty features take on their on life and become a major point of focus in the backyard.

Typically, these extreme water fun factories for your swimming pool include a large, flat, spill rock that stretches over a recessed bench where water cascades down and in front of the entry.  Thousands over gallons of water can be pulled and returned to the pool through the use of one or multiple pumps.  The sounds will drown out everything, but the sound of splashing and laughing.

In some instances Grotto waterfalls can include a separate side entrance where swimmers can come and go undetected.  To further the effect of a secret hideaway many of the larger grotto falls include a large spa inside the water feature.

Grotto Waterfalls in Phoenix

Image sitting behind the falling water in your own separate, therapy spa.  Add LED lighting with a color wheel to set the mood, speakers, chilled beverages and a soft mist from a built in misting system and you’ve got the ultimate backyard grotto waterfall.

The most important part of the whole effect is the integration of plantings, lighting and varied points of water distribution points.  In nature, rocks and boulders divert water in different directions creating mini falls.  These mini-falls can be activated on a separate pump to create the sound of water on a softer, more subtle volume.  Use this option when the sound of 300 gallons per minute thundering into the pool water is more than the mood or occasion calls for.

Another popular feature of most grotto waterfalls is the addition of a water slide.  Seemingly craved out of the rock itself these slides can bank and fall through and around the rocks delivering swimmers to the pool below.  These rock slides can be of varied lengths, banks and rolls depending on the size of the water feature and the width of the pool at the exit point.

A grotto with diving rock or built-in climbing rope – you bet.  We can even build custom landscape boulders or faux rocks to cover up an old well pipe or backyard eye sore.  Whatever you can dream up can be built into or around your swimming pool to provide the ultimate backyard waterfall.

We build custom waterfalls in the Phoenix Metro area including cities such as:  Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe, Buckeye, Anthem, Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, Casa Grande, Litchfield Park, and Cave Creek.   If you’re ready to take the plunge, give us a call and let one of our designers create something spectacular for your swimming pool grotto waterfall.



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